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2002 – ArtNetWorking

Owner Art Newsletter Non – profit

Estherartnewsletter, founded by Esther Attar – Machanek

is a non-profit art Newsletter

Daily Opening Exhibition contemporary art Worldwide


One thought on “ArtNewsletter

  1. LS: Please vote: three artist who are interesting to you? Three directors relevant to you? Three writers remarkable to you? Three musicians seminal to you?
    YI: Ed Ruscha, Rachel Whiteread and William Kentridge. Federico Fellini, the Coen brothers and Clint Eastwood. Italo Calvino, Michel Houellebecq and Sayed Kashua. I thought this last would be the easy question, but when trying to answer I realized that my past idols have all evaporated… I can’t pin point any specific names… these days I listen to the radio, the stations small local stations change as I drive through different areas and they make me feel as if I’ve travelled back in time to my childhood frozen in the 80’s.

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