Shahar Marcus

Dear friends, curators and fellow artists,
I am glad to share with you some exciting news regarding my current and upcoming exhibitions this September. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, feel free to have a glance. In addition, I would like to share with you the wonderful news that my work ‘Seeds’ has entered the Israel Museum’s collection.



‘Seeds’ – now a part of the Israel Museum’s collection.


I am proud to take part in the 56th October Salon, ‘The Pleasure of Love’, where I will exhibit two of my joint works with Nezaket Ekici; ‘Lublin Beach’ and ‘Salt Dinner’ both are part of our ongoing joint project- ‘In relations’.
The exhibition is curated by David Elliot.
September 23rd through November 6
Belgrade Culture Center
Belgrade, Serbia



During the 5th Mediations Biennale 2016 – Fundamental, I will be exhibiting two of my most recent works: ‘King of Falafel’ and ‘Home Coming Artist (Dresden)’. I will also be showing my work from 2011 ‘The Curator’.
October 1st through October 30th
The 5th Mediations Biennale 2016
National museum, Poznan
Poznan, Poland


As part of a group exhibition ‘Urban Touch’ at the Kunsthalle Faust, I will exhibit my latest work ‘Homecoming Artist (Dresden)’ which is a takeoff on my original work ‘Homecoming Artist’ from 2007. As in ‘Homecoming Artist’, also in this work I am driving through the streets of a town- Dresden. Like in the first work, the drive demonstrates the gap between the art scene to the common citizen.
October 9th through November 6
Urban Touch
Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover


I am featured in three different exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow.
As part of the group exhibition ‘The Sea’ I will be exhibiting ‘Salt Dinner’ (a joint work with Nezaket Ekici) which depicts Nezaket and I dinning at the midst of the dead sea waters. The project explores time, space, culture and religion.
At the exhibition ‘Medicine in Art’ I will exhibit ‘Frog Test’ which received the distinguished award of the Jerusalem Video Art & Experimental Cinema 2009.
My works ‘The Boxer’ and ‘The Curator’ are part of the the museum’s collection.
*The Sea – October 21st through March 26
*Medicine in Art – through October 2nd
*Collection – ongoing
Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow
Krakow, Poland


As part of the 5th Radial Festival in Berlin, which explores the current issue of migration and refugees, I will exhibit ‘Sand clock’ (joint video work with Nezaket Ekici) which depicts performers standing in the desert as sculptures, appearing as human sand clocks. The work conveys a refreshing perspective as to the desert’s meaning as well as landscape.
October 21st through October 23rd
I.D. Festival Berlin
Berlin, Germany


At VideoMedeja Festival I will be exhibiting ‘King of Falafel’. The work takes place on the moon and depicts the opening of a new Falafel stand. The work deals with the Israeli cultural symbols manifested by various food rituals.
October 21st through October 23rd
International VideoMedeja Festival
Novi Sad, Serbia
As part of Artisterium – the 9th Tbilisi Annual International Contemporary Art exhibition I will exhibit my work ‘King of Falafel’.
November 4th through November 14th
Tbilisi History Museum
Tbilisi , Georgia


At the group exhibition at the Haifa Museum of Art I am exhibiting my work ‘Leap of Faith’ which criticizes several characteristics imbedded in humans- fear of failure and of social criticism as well as human ambition to obtain glory at all cost.
Through January 2017
Haifa Museum of Art
Haifa, Israel
Hope that you have an opportunity to catch one or more of my exhibitions.
Wishing you all a happy new year,







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